Golden Comfort Crate Subscription box sample for grandma, grandpa, senior citizen, or elderly parent

Subscription Boxes for Senior Citizens

Senior citizens long to feel loved by their family, but most people don’t have time to provide regular connection.

Our subscription service offers an easy way to provide consistent connection so that you know your senior feels loved!

Designed by a Doctor of Physical Therapy who specializes in elderly and senior care, Golden Comfort Crates are the perfect solution to let your grandma or grandpa know how much you care!

How It Works - 3 Simple Steps

Shopping cart for selecting your senior citizen subscription box plan

Choose Your Subscription

Select your plan, enter your loved one's info, and get ready to provide comfort 4 times per year!

Personalize your elderly subscription box with photos and a note for grandma or grandpa

Personalize It

Easily submit your photos from your phone or computer, and write a letter to your elderly loved one.

Each crate has a theme - something new for your senior every time!

Delivery truck delivering comfort to your senior citizen with a personalized subscription gift box

Stay Connected

Your bright, fun crate is hand packed with care and is sure to make your senior smile!

Each delivery will help you both feel more connected to each other!

Subscription Plans

Annual subscription box plan for elderly senior citizen, grandma, or grandpa
Seasonal subscription box plan for elderly senior citizen, grandma, or grandpa

Send Comfort and Care Right Away!

Sign up for an Annual Subscription and get your first Debut Box (valued at $25) for free! Debut Boxes ship within 1 week of your order.

Plus, Annual Subscribers save another $25 on yearly subscription fees compared to Seasonal plans.

senior citizens opening their Golden Comfort Crate subscription box

Here's What's Inside

Each crate contains 7-9 fun, helpful, and comforting items, including pictures and a note.

Curated specifically for senior citizens by our own Doctor of Physical Therapy, your crate is sure to have exactly the items your senior needs!

Personalized pictures inside your senior citizen subscription box

Personalized Pictures

Send a personalized note inside every subscription box for your grandma

A Letter Written By You

Feel more connected with your grandma or grandpa though the subscription Golden Memories cards

Golden Memories Card

Subscription box games to stay sharp

Game or Activity

Your elderly loved one will always get treats with their monthly subscription

Snacks and Treats

Golden Comfort | Comfort, Care, and Connection | Senior Gift Box

A Fun or Care Item

Don't Wait!

Send your grandma or grandpa a Golden Comfort Crate today!