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Golden Comfort Crate Box Contest


New boxes are in! This is how our boxes arrive from our box supplier, then we fold them into shape.

Can anybody guess how many boxes are here in this picture? 🤔

If you guess the right number, you'll get a 20% off coupon for your next order! The answer will be revealed at the end of this weekend. 🎫

Tag a friend and share so others can have a chance to win as well! 💛

EDIT: The answer is 150 boxes! 

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Golden Comfort is a subscription box service for senior citizens and their families. We help provide comfort, care, and connection for elderly parents, grandparents, or other elderly loved ones and their families. Our mission is to provide your senior citizen with an extra feeling of love and connection to their family, especially during hard times or when you are not able to visit them in person as often as you'd like to. Send support to your senior citizen with a subscription gift box today! 

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