Golden Comfort Launch Story!

Fargo, ND.

The year 2020 will go down as one of the strangest and most challenging years in recent (and not-so-recent) memory. Most families around the country experienced a roller coaster of good times and bad times throughout the year, but even during the bad times most people could find some good to go with it – more time at home with the kids and spouse, a chance to be more active outdoors, and time to relax and reflect to name a few positives. One group of people that did not have those opportunities as readily available – senior citizens.

2020 was especially tough on the 65+ senior citizen population. Being isolated in their rooms or houses to avoid the virus was one thing, but being unable to see their families or attend family gatherings was even worse for most seniors that we’ve had the pleasure of talking to.

Personally, between my wife and I, we have only seen one set of our grandparents on two separate occasions over the past year. With technology we have kept in touch video chatting, but that’s not nearly the same as personal, face to face interaction.

After spending some time in the hospital with our 1-year-old daughter this past fall, we experienced a bit of that isolation and loneliness ourselves with the no-visitors policies at the hospitals. While in the hospital, we had several friends and family members send food, cards, and gifts. We had never been in a situation like that before, and it was at that moment that we realized how much a simple, thoughtful gift could really make a difference and have an impact during a difficult situation.

It got us thinking – what’s something we could do for our grandparents who had been struggling for much longer than we had? It needed to be personal. It needed to be exciting. It needed to give them something to do. And, most importantly, it needed to happen regularly. A one-time gift to show you care is great, but that pick-me-up can fade fast.

That’s when we decided to create a company to do just that! We knew that if we felt this way, many others must feel the same way. My wife, who works with elderly people every day as a physical therapist, constantly heard stories from her patients about extreme loneliness, depression, boredom, and missing their family members. This is a problem we believe we can help solve for many seniors and their families!

Here’s what we put in every box:

  • Each box we send has your very own pictures and notes included, which makes this a very personal gift.
  • A game, like a sudoku, crossword puzzle, word find, or jigsaw puzzle is hand selected to keep your senior occupied.
  • Snacks and treats are also included – and you get to let us know if there are any dietary restrictions for your loved one that we need to be aware of.
  • Months with a holiday are holiday themed and include an extra holiday themed item, while non-holiday months include a helpful extra item such as lotion, socks, or something of that nature.
  • Lastly, but most importantly for you, is our Golden Memories question card. Each box contains a question printed on a letter for your senior to answer. Questions are about things in their past – what was your first car, how much did you pay for your first house, what was your first date like? Return postage is included, so your loved one can send their answers in writing back to you. This allows you to collect precious keepsakes about your loved one’s life to pass down for generations! 

Signing up your grandma, grandpa, or elderly parent for a gift box is simple. Add a subscription to your cart. Create an account so that we can provide the best service possible. Answer our brief questionnaire about your senior, and upload your photos and note. We take care of the rest!

For any questions, comments, or feedback, you can reach out to us via Facebook, Instagram, on our website (, or email via

We look forward to providing excellent service to your loved one.


Golden Comfort is a subscription box service for senior citizens and their families. We help provide comfort, care, and connection for elderly parents, grandparents, or other elderly loved ones and their families. Our mission is to provide your senior citizen with an extra feeling of love and connection to their family, especially during hard times or when you are not able to visit them in person as often as you'd like to. Send support to your senior citizen with a subscription gift box today! 

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