How to Personalize Your Subscription

Here's how to personalize your subscription order! 

  • Choose between an annual or seasonal subscription plan. To learn about the differences in the plans, click here.
  • Click the “Personalize Your Gift” button to open the personalization screen.
  • Enter the name of your senior (required), and their birthday, gender, and relationship to you (optional).
  • Click the cloud icon to upload photos to be included. This can be completed from a phone, tablet, or computer.
    • If on a smartphone or tablet, you may be asked to select an app from which to find the pictures, such as “Photos”, “Files”, or “Gallery”.
  • Continue this process until you have selected all the photos that you want included! (Up to 10 photos)
  • Upload a PDF or Word document with a personal note or letter to your senior, OR type the note directly into the screen, if desired.
  • Select any dietary restrictions your senior may have, so that we can ensure they will enjoy everything that is included in their crate!
  • Enter your email address, so we know who is sending the subscription.
  • Last – click SUBMIT! Don’t forget to submit all your info, otherwise we won’t be able to view the information that you entered.
  • Click “Add to Cart”. From here you can complete your purchase by clicking “check out” and entering shipping and payment information.
  • After the initial subscription purchase, we will email you a link to upload photos and a note prior to the next box being sent to your loved one.
  • If you have any trouble at any point in this process, please contact us right away for assistance. 

For a more detailed description for personalization help with pictures included, check out our How To Order page!

Golden Comfort is a seasonal subscription box service for senior citizens and their families. We help provide comfort, care, and connection for elderly parents, grandparents, or other elderly loved ones and their families. Our mission is to provide your senior citizen with an extra feeling of love and connection to their family, especially during hard times or when you are not able to visit them in person as often as you'd like to. Send support to your senior citizen with a subscription gift box today! 

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