“Last Minute” DIY Gift Ideas for Grandpa on Father’s Day

Father’s Day is a wonderful time to show our love and appreciation for not only Dad, but also Grandpa too. See our ideas below for easy, thoughtful gifts that you can help your children make for the grandpas in their lives this year!

  • Homemade card – let the kids make Grandpa a homemade card and encourage them to draw their own artwork. If you want inspiration for specific Father’s Day ideas, a quick Pinterest or Google search will provide many funny or cute sayings!
  • Print a favorite photo and put it in a frame – In this digital era, we do not often print out our favorite pictures. A simple frame with a photo or two of Grandpa with his grandkids will put a smile on his face whenever he sees it.
  • Snack/treat basket with cute notes – compile a few of Grandpa’s favorite snacks or treats and add funny personalized notes to each one. A few ideas might include:
    • “You’re all that and a bag of chips” with a bag of his favorite chips.
    • “We donut know what we’d do without you” with his favorite flavor of donut.
    • “We’re nuts about you Papa” – with his favorite mix of nuts.
    • “World’s Greatest Pop” - with a bottle of his favorite pop/soda.
  • Interview your child about Grandpa – If you have younger children, this can be a fun and entertaining activity! Write down their answers and give to Grandpa as a great keepsake. Here are a few ideas for questions to include:
    • My grandpa’s favorite thing to do is
    • I love it when my grandpa
    • My grandpa’s favorite food is
    • My grandpa is really great at
    • I think my grandpa is funny because
    • My favorite thing to do with my grandpa is
    • My grandpa’s favorite store is
    • The one thing I hear my grandpa say a lot is
    • I love my grandpa because


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