Who Is The Golden Comfort Crate For?

Fargo, ND.

You might be wondering, who would want a gift box from Golden Comfort, or when should I order them?

The short answer? Any senior citizen could benefit from one of our gift boxes!

The longer answer? Our gift boxes are especially useful for families who have a senior that has been in isolation for an extended period of time. If your grandma, grandpa, or elderly parent lives a long way away, and it’s difficult to make time to visit them, a gift box is a great way to bridge the loneliness gap between visits. 

Any senior that lives in a nursing home, assisted living, or memory care facility will especially enjoy a personalized gift box like this. Especially right now, when most senior living facilities are not allowing visitors, doing anything you can to provide comfort or personal connection is a great way to boost your loved one’s morale.

Long distances can also be difficult on seniors, when they know family visitors will be few and far between. Seniors who still live at their own homes, but may not see people very often, can also really benefit from a monthly pick-me-up.

As a child or grandchild of a senior, if you ever feel like you should be doing more to care for your loved one, this is a great opportunity to do so now more than ever.

In any of these situations, Golden Comfort can help. We do the heavy lifting for you when it comes to knowing what to send, when to send it, and making each box thoughtful and personal.

For any questions, comments, or feedback, you can reach out to us via Facebook, Instagram, on our website (https://www.goldencomfortcrate.com), or email via support@goldencomfortcrate.com.


Golden Comfort is a subscription box service for senior citizens and their families. We help provide comfort, care, and connection for elderly parents, grandparents, or other elderly loved ones and their families. Our mission is to provide your senior citizen with an extra feeling of love and connection to their family, especially during hard times or when you are not able to visit them in person as often as you'd like to. Send support to your senior citizen with a subscription gift box today! 

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