About Us

Founders of Golden Comfort, a subscription box service for senior citizens

Our Story

Golden Comfort was founded in 2020 by a husband and wife team, from our home in Fargo, ND.

After witnessing firsthand how badly senior citizens and the elderly were struggling along through the pandemic and lockdowns, we knew we had to do something to help. As a physical therapist, Nicole saw on a daily basis how lonely and depressed her senior-aged patients were. They missed their family, missed spending time with them, and missed the feeling of love and connection.

We created Golden Comfort to help senior citizens find comfort, care, and connection with their families – when they need it the most.

Our products are thoughtful, practical, and focused on providing value to your senior citizen in a meaningful way - helping them stay active and sharp with brain games and activities, comforted with snacks and treats they can enjoy, dedicate time to critical thinking and self-reflection through writing, and most important of all - feeling connected to their loved ones (even from a distance) through pictures and notes.

Golden Comfort will help strengthen connections between senior citizens and their families at a time when they need it most. We feel privileged to play a part.

Warm regards,

Beau and Nicole