Get your senior a Debut Box right away!

Golden Comfort subscription box with a free Debut Box for your senior citizen, grandma, or grandpa

The Debut Box is designed to be a smaller, introductory welcome box sent within a week of your subscription purchase. The purpose of the Debut Box is to welcome your senior to Golden Comfort right away!

The Debut Box contains 3-4 items for your senior citizen to enjoy, along with a letter explaining the subscription service and what to expect moving forward.

With an Annual subscription, you automatically get a Debut Box for FREE!

Send Comfort Quickly

Depending on when you place your order, it may be a while before the next Season of Crates ship out.

The Debut Box is designed to get to your senior quick, so they can get accustomed to Golden Comfort!

Several Fun Items

While the Debut Box is smaller than a Seasonal Crate, it still has great items included!

Items include a large print word game, a popcorn snack, a caramel treat, and a helpful back scratcher!

Make It Personal

You still have the option to personalize your Debut Box just like any other Golden Comfort Crate!

Upload your photos, write your note, and enjoy your first experience with our Golden Memories card.