Stack of subscription gift boxes for elderly grandparents and senior citizens

A Look Inside Your Elderly Gift Box

Each gift box has items that your senior citizen is sure to love!

Personalized Pictures & Notes

Keep Grandma and Grandpa up to date!

Easily upload your own pictures using your phone, tablet, or computer. Your photos and note are printed and packed neatly with each crate. Imagine your grandma or grandpa's joy at displaying - or showing off - the pictures you send!

Personalize your subscription box with your own pictures and written note for your grandma or grandpa

Golden Memories Card

Learn about your seniors past!

A Golden Memories card asks your senior to recall stories from their past. Captured in writing, these memories are sent back to you to keep. This leads to great conversations and feeling more connected.

A question card, return envelope, and stamp are included, so your loved one can share their story with you. This makes for a great keepsake each and every time!

Each subscription box includes a unique, personalized Golden Memories card for your senior citizen to answer

Brain Games & Activities

Help your elderly loved one keep his or her brain sharp!

Each crate includes a game, puzzle, or activity. This is a practical way for your senior to exercise their brain in an enjoyable way, and gives them something to do!

We always use senior citizen friendly items - such as large print books and things seniors will enjoy.

Senior citizen subscription gift box includes game for your grandparent or elderly parent

Treats & Snacks

Grandma and Grandpa will love having extra snacks around!

We work around any dietary restrictions your senior may have, so you can order with confidence.

When you personalize your crate, let us know if your senior has any major dietary restrictions such as diabetes, gluten-free, or anything else. We won't include anything they shouldn't have!

Subscription box for grandma and grandpa includes snacks and treats for your elderly loved one

Extra Items

Add to the surprise!

The extra item varies. Some deliveries are holiday themed, while others include a thoughtful personal items such as lotion or socks. Whatever it is, your elderly loved one is sure to love it!

This adds to the surprise of each crate, and who doesn't like a surprise gift?!

Add an extra surprise to your grandma and grandpa's subscription gift box